The community is a mixed environment of medical physicists, nurses and quality management staff. Sharing information and points of view is critical to establish a common ground. We serve as a central point of access, receiving and distributing information to all centers. Each member is involved in a highly technical, professional environment. Maintaining an incident learning system and introducing procedural changes can cause conflict. supports the quality manager by providing consensus views and comparing experiences.

PRISMA-RT recognizes the benchmarking of PRISMA-RT data as an important tool and promotes the quick and comprehensive implementation of the PRISMA-RT project. The PRISMA-RT project has requirements of a radiotherapy QMS beyond that of a general hospital QMS. offers guidance to hospital management for the implementation and integration of a radiotherapy QMS. At the same time the PRISMA-RT project needs to take into account the clinical reality of a radiotherapy department in Belgium. For this purpose advises the PRISMA-RT steering group.

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